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We provide ---- product which helps faster analysis of genetic lab results. We develop this product using technologies like .Net Framework, ASP.Net, Java, SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS, Java Script, HTML, JQuery etc... Currently, the labs need to go to multiple sources to analyze the results obtained from the gene processing machine (HiSeq, LowSeq).

Our browser allows them to grab & search the results at one place. This product performs searches from multiple sources, sorts it, reports and provides results at one place. Also, this software allows easy creation of final reports that are sent to lab clients, by allowing the user to select and organize the report from the search result list.

What is this Product about?

This product is a Web-based resource that provides information about patients, their family members, health care professionals, researchers, and the public with easy access to information on publicly and privately supported clinical studies on a wide range of diseases and conditions.

Genetic testing is a type of medical test that identifies changes in chromosomes, genes, or proteins. Genetic testing has potential benefits whether the results are positive or negative for a gene mutation. Test results can provide a sense of relief from uncertainty and help people make informed decisions about managing their health care.

More than 1,000 genetic tests are currently in use, and more are being developed.

Several methods can be used for genetic testing:
  • Molecular genetic tests (or gene tests) study single genes or short lengths of DNA to identify variations or mutations that lead to a genetic disorder.
  • Chromosomal genetic tests analyze whole chromosomes or long lengths of DNA to see if there are large genetic changes, such as an extra copy of a chromosome, that cause a genetic condition.
  • Biochemical genetic tests study the amount or activity level of proteins; abnormalities in either can indicate changes to the DNA that result in a genetic disorder.

Genetic testing can provide information about a person's genes and chromosomes. Available types of testing include:

  • Newborn screening
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Prenatal testing
  • Preimplantation testing
  • Predictive and presymptomatic testing
  • Forensic testing

What Can I do on this Module?

Conduct basic and advanced searches of clinical study records; browse studies; and search studies by topic, country, or region, Manage study records&View statistics on registered studies

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