Proto Typing

Positive Group leverages the Bus Component framework as a rapid prototyping tool. Due to the various phases involved in traditional software development the final solution takes long time before being presented to final user. 

Positive Group prototyping based on Application Designer technology bypasses the various steps by reusing various software components. Moreover apart from coding and testing, data visualization is also a very critical part of software development. Application Designer allows Subject Matter Experts to generate the user interface (called form patterns) in few hours and allows them to build initial prototype in weeks. 

This plays a very important role in enterprise software development by providing meticulously created prototypes that provide effective data visualization and capture the high/low level user requirements effectively. Prototypes are also very good in capturing user stories by providing clear input, output and error conditions to domain experts.

Application Designer tool allows any complex projects to be divided into data model, user interface, rights management, business management (workflow) and any custom application logic. Then the rapid integrated development tool allows subject matter expert and engineering team to communicate with real application sample along with software development process documents.

This way Positive Group engineering team spends few weeks at customer site to prepare software engineering documents like requirement specification, design document and at the same time presents demo version of how the real application functions. The demo version gives the true feeling of final system which will be seen once the custom business components are fully developed and system goes through Positive Group's mature continuous build environment and performance engineering platform.

Positive Group prototyping service have immensely helped in distributed delivery model by allowing offshore/onshore team to present the software idea to business stakeholders and build data points for effort required in solving business problem. Moreover the final prototype version of solution is baselines and put in source control. This allows in controlling deviation of development efforts (done in iterations in agile methodology) from the planned track and help in developing an effective solution.

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